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Safeguarding in Masajid and Madaaris

There are more than 9,000 children attending Masajid and Madaaris (Mosques and Madrassahs) across the Bradford District on a daily basis and therefore providing safe learning environments in educational settings outside of mainstream school is important to parents and other stakeholders.

Bradford Council, along with the Council for Mosques, the Bradford Safeguarding Children Board (BSCB) and the NSPCC have taken a multi-agency approach to identifying ways in which children who attend Masajid and Madaaris are safe and secure.

The Safeguarding Report for Madaaris provides recommendations drawn from consultations with key organisations including the Council for Mosques, BSCB, NSPCC, West Yorkshire Police, Bradford City Centre Project and representatives from Masajid/Madaaris in Bradford and Keighley as well as parents and young people.

A key outcome has been the development of a ‘toolkit’ for Madaaris, which is a document developed by the Council for Mosques, Bradford Council, BSCB and NSPCC.

A Reminder

It is a Mandatory Duty for all organisations working with children and adults to report any form of abuse or any other concerns to Bradford Children and Adult services or the police.

  • Bradford Children’s Social Care Initial Contact Team – for child protection concerns and referrals - 01274 437500

  • Bradford Area Child Protection Unit – for Consultation about child protection concerns -  01274 434343

  • Social Services Emergency Duty Team – at all other times - 01274 431010

  • Police – If child is at immediate risk of harm - 999 or 101 for non-emergencies.

The following criteria is a requirement for all places worship (Madrassas, Gudwaraas, Mandirs, Churches any other faith or none faith organisations) including Religious Home Tuition.

  • The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) helps employers make safer recruitment decisions and prevent unsuitable people from working with vulnerable groups, including children.
    Evidence of teacher’s qualifications’.

  • Child protection, safeguarding and any other relevant training undertaken by faith teachers
    Complex health and disability.

  • Children's profile should include name, address, emergency numbers, health issues i.e. asthma, allergies; sight, hearing,etc. and any other family concerns or safety requirement relating to the child or people.

  • First Aiders & First Aid Box / First Aid Book

  • Fire, Health & Safety (Ensure Fire Brigade/Gas/Electric Inspection record are up to date)

  • Fire and smoke alarms, fire exits and fire extinguishers are fully installed and in working order. Furthermore carry out weekly fire tests and regular fire drills.

  • Complying with building regulations, please contact Planning Department at Bradford / Keighley Town Hall Council Switchboard 01274 432111

  • Road safety risk assessment

  • Public & employees liability insurance

  • Staff members should read and understand all relevant policies and procedures, including a code of conduct and legal obligation.

  • To work in partnership with the Police, Fire Brigade; Probation, Environmental, Children & Adult Services

  • To work in partnership with parents/carers and guardians

  • Any one found of gross misconduct must be immediately reported to Bradford Safeguarding Board 01274 434343

  • Referrals should also be made to Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) when an employer or organisation believes a person has caused harm or poses a future risk of harm to vulnerable groups, including children.

  • If you need help to refer someone call the referrals and barring team on 01325 953795 or email  We also recommend that you go to the DBS section of the homeoffice website.

Additional home tuition regulations

  • Teaching 5 children requires written permission from the Planning Department at Jacobs Well/Keighley Town Hall

  • Teaching more than 5 children requires planning permission due to change of use from a residential to a business use, Advice to be sought from the Planning Department Jacobs Well/Keighley Town Hall

If unsure of any of the above safeguarding measures please do not hesitate to contact Rashid Karolia (Safeguarding Advisor for Faith Settings) 01274434361 / 07582 100 996

The Public Forum for Education can be found on the Council’s website at

FIRST RESPONSE is a service that supports people experiencing a mental health crisis and can provide free advise, support including training at your place of worship. for further information please call 01274 221181

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2016 Training Courses and Events

Faith Setting Training and Events 2016 - Word Document

The Public Forum for Education

The Public Forum for Education can be found on the Council’s website - click here

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

Any individual wishing to apply for DBS must be an employee of an organisation.

Please visit the Disclosure & Barring Service website for additional information and support

Working together

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First Aid Training (West Yorkshire Ambulance Service)

Click here for information on the service's website

Missing Children from Education

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Children missing from Education - please forward concerns to the following e-mail  /  with regards to children missing from education.

Bullying in Education

Click here to visit the Government website for more information PDF.

Road Safety

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Travel permission and RS Letter Bradford Road Safety Team (01274 437409) in partnership with Bradford Safeguarding Children Board are encouraging all parents to supervise children to and from Schools, Faith settings and other activities at all times - visit the website.

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Bradford Council Lone Working Policy

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Legal Requirements for using CCTV in Public Places

The use of CCTV and other surveillance technologies is covered by:

  • the Human Rights Act 1998

  • the Data Protection Act 1998

  • the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000

  • Protection of Freedoms Act 2012

If you are planning to install CCTV in your Faith Setting, you must do the following:

  • Consider the wider human rights implications, in particular the right to respect for private and family life, one of the basic rights in the Human Rights Act.

  • Comply with the Data Protection Act – images captured on CCTV cameras are personal data and schools must comply with data protection principles. You must also allow individuals to view their images recorded on CCTV if they wish to do so. For further information on your legal obligations under the Data Protection Act, visit our page on

  • Ensure you are able to comply with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) CCTV Code of Practice, available on the

  • Notify the Information Commissioner that you have installed or intend to install CCTV cameras and state the purposes for using the cameras.

  • If your Faith setting fails to follow the Information Commissioner’s recommendations for the use of CCTV, it could be in danger of invading the privacy of pupils, staff and other individuals and face litigation, fines or other legal sanctions.

Arson Risk

West Yorkshire Fire Brigade Fire message Arson Risk reductions and employee Legal Obligations - website.

Your employer has a responsibility to safeguard their employees and other people entering their premises, it is your responsibility to abide by your employer's policies and procedures in relation to fire precautions.  If you see a potential hazard:

  • Keep records of all reports made; date, time and by whom

  • The Fire Authority Officer has the legal right to inspect your workplace at any reasonable time

  • The Fire Officer has the power to instigate a prosecution

  • Each offence found carries substantial penalties of up to £20,000 and in some cases PRISON SENTENCES or both

  • If you are successfully prosecuted you will end up with a criminal record

  • All fire extinguishers should be accessible and have clear instruction

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Modern Slavery

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Child sexual Exploitation (CSE)

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Forced Marriage

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It is a legal requirement to report cases of female genital mutilation (FGM) to the police.
Download a Home Office Report here

Multi Agency Statutory Guidance on FGM

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Hate Crime Safeguarding Conference - September 2016 - PowerPoint

Mahmood Mohammed
Hate Crime Project Co-ordinator
Neighbourhood and Customer Service Department of Environment & Sport
4th Floor, Sir Henry Mitchell House,
4 Manchester Road, Bradford, BD5 0QL
City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council

Contact me on:
T 01274 437399
M 07582 100303

NEW - Click here to see the series of Multi-Faith Safeguarding Films produced by the NSPCC

Faith Setting Toolkit

The Faith Setting Toolkit provides guidance on how to set up a safeguarding system for your organisation which will help to ensure that children and young people are kept safe and protected when in your care. The toolkit is divided into 4 sections:

SECTION 1 – Introduction to Safeguarding
SECTION 2 – Developing Your Child Protection Policies and Procedures
SECTION 3 – Safeguarding Policies and Procedures to Ensure Safe Practices at Work
SECTION 4 – Reviewing and Monitoring Your Policies and Procedures

The toolkit has been designed to be easy to read, follow and understand. However, as users of the toolkit, we would welcome any suggestions and comments you may have on how it could be improved.

Download a Word copy of the Faith Setting Toolkit here

Download guidance on which pages you will need to amend with details of your own Faith Setting


Section 11 Self Audit tool for Faith Settings

Click here for information PDF.

Free Safeguarding Training


As a Safeguarding Advisor for faith settings my current role is to ensure all places of worship have the necessary skills and are equipped to protect children in their care. As a result I deliver free safeguarding training to all Faith Settings and for parents in schools.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any queries

Rashid Karolia (Safeguarding Advisor for Faith Settings)
Bradford Safeguarding Children Board
Floor 6, Margaret McMillan Tower
Princes Way

07582 100 996