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What is a Child Death Overview Panel?

The death of all children under the age of 18 must be reviewed by a Child Death Overview Panel on behalf of the Local Safeguarding Children Board. The Child Death Overview Panels are groups of professionals who meet several times a year to review all the child deaths in their area. The Panel is not given the names of any children who died; all the details are dealt with anonymously. The main purpose is to learn how to prevent future deaths.

The Panels make recommendations and report on the lessons learned to the Local Safeguarding Children Board. The Board produces an annual report which is a public document. Anyone can read the report, but it contains no details that could identify an individual child or their family.

Who is on the Panel?

The Panel has representatives from:

  • Public health

  • Local child health and social care services

  • Police

Other professionals may be invited to give specialist advice where needed.

Local Safeguarding Children Board

The Board makes sure any recommendations made by the Panel are sent to those with responsibility for taking them forward. In a small number of child deaths, the Board may decide it is necessary to conduct a more detailed investigation called a Serious Case Review.

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